• Appreciation Rates

    Housing / Price Appreciation

    Second-quarter home prices appreciated 3.7 percent in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Statistical Area from 2014 to 2015, ranking the region near the bottom of all benchmark regions. Washington D.C.. Looking back five years, housing prices rose 16 percent; 0.9 percent in 10 years; and 144.3 percent in 20 years. More

  • New Building Permits

    Housing / Building Permits

    After three consecutive years of being one of the top two regions to have the largest number of new privately owned building permits,  Washington D.C. ‘s total building permits were surpassed by Los Angeles and Atlanta in 2013.  The latest 2014 data show an increase of 771 new building permits compared to 2013. The number of... More

  • Vacancy Rate

    Housing / Vacancy

    Vacancy rates in residential housing are a good barometer over time of the demand for shelter in a region. According to the Census, unoccupied housing units are considered vacant. Vacancy status is determined by the terms under which the unit may be occupied, e.g., for rent, for sale, or for seasonal use only. A housing... More

  • Homeownership Rate

    Housing / Homeownership

    About 62.7 percent of Washington D.C. residents own their home, the third-largest homeownership rate among all benchmark regions. Only Philadelphia and Chicago have a higher percentage of owner-occupied housing. More